5 Ways to Nurture Admissions Leads With Content Marketing

Posted by Jake Solyst | January 10, 2017 | 1:44pm

Content marketing doesn’t just help you collect leads, it allows you to nurture them too. 

Once a lead has requested more information, purchased a product or downloaded material, you can follow up with additional content that provides more information about their interest. It’s the “here, take a pamphlet” equivalent for digital marketing. Audiences are likely to at least glance, if not now, then later.

While follow-up content can be used to nurture leads in many industries, like healthcare or not-for-profit, we’re going to focus on higher education, with five follow-up content ideas to offer prospective students who have requested information about your school.


5 Follow-Up Content Ideas

Class descriptions: Give a prospective student a glance inside the classroom by describing one particularly interesting class. But instead of just sending a syllabus, give context. Relate the class subject to current events. Summarize the teaching style and the type of projects. Mention personal and professional benefits of learning the subject matter. Simply think about what would get your students excited about the course, and then convey that.

Example (University of Vermont)


Industry news: Give students a news story that inspires them to learn more about a particular subject area and industry. You could even supplement your own content with articles or videos from trusted news sources, a tactic used by many popular newsletters.

Example (For Masters in Engineering/Manufacturing)


Student stories: Tell the story of a current graduate student, describing their field of study, how they got into it, what they plan to do with their degree and, most importantly, emphasize what the student thinks is unique about the school.

Example (University of North Dakota)


Alumni stories: Tell the stories of alumni working in the industry. What did they study and how did their education give them an edge? Conversely, another unique angle is to leave the alumni’s current career out of their story, and simply talk about how the graduate school experience benefited them personally. Schools have to convey how a degree will benefit prospects after graduation, but there’s still value in conveying how studying an industry in and out will be a unique, life-changing and inspiring experience.

Example (University of Oregon) 


Professor stories: Students tend to have a much stronger relationship with professors in graduate school, as the classes are smaller and students can feel more like peers than pupils. Capitalize on this emotional connectiongive background on the professor’s industry experience, teaching methods and general personality.

Example (Skidmore College)


What makes content marketing so effective is that the content can influence prospects at any point in their decisions making. The same article or video could be used to attract a lead, nurture them and even help convert them.

Consider the various selling points and motivating topics related to your organization or business and turn them into content. They will be useful at several stages of the lead generation process. Year after year.

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