Education-Based Content: It Worked For These Brands and Can Work For You

Posted by Jake Solyst | February 27, 2017 | 3:11pm

Hardly a day goes by when we don’t need to learn something. Sometimes we’re simply curious, other times we need to accomplish a task or build a skill, and then other times we’re just trying to not look stupid, which explains why I’m always Googling the details of U.S. history. But no matter the reason, our first instinct is almost always to get online and find a blog, video, tutorial or TV show that knows the answer.

The effectiveness of content marketing grew out of this need to learn. Marketers figured that if someone was going to Google “how to grow good tomatoes”, then a gardening tools or soil company should be the one to tell them the answer. In a situation like this, the brand who made the educational content is abled to impress the potential customer, be seen as an expert, introduce their products in a way that’s far less “salsey” than a commercial, and generally increase traffic to their website.

But there’re far more content choices than just a blog, and all of them can be monstrously effective depending the brand and the marketing goal. The following list covers a number of those content forms by showcasing the real-world brands successfully creating them. If any of these brands resemble your business or organization, then the content form they create may just be right for you!


Educational Content

If your marketing team has a content marketing plan or is in the midst of implementing one, it would be hard not to ignore the options in this list. You’d even be surprised by how simple it is to create this type of content.

For example, open sourced video assets and changing audience standards have made video creation a lot easier, while new tools allow marketers to create comprehensive, online course in no time. 

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