Looking To Connect With Audiences? Try Teaching Them Something

Posted by Jake Solyst | February 27, 2017 | 3:11pm

Anecdotal evidence suggests that knowledge is more popular among young audiences than it ever has been.

Witness the rise to social media stardom of intellectual powerhouses such as Neil deGrasse Tyson. Or the rise of the do-it-yourself mentality being applied to everything from furniture to food making.

In the workplace especially young people are turning to tutorials, podcasts and non-traditional learning groups not just to advance in their career, but to take pride in their profession and build their personal brand.

Innovative brands are taking notice. From how-to blogs to full online courses, various businesses and organizations are creating and promoting “pop” educational content as a way to connect with audiences, collect targeted leads, drive web traffic and enhance their brand image.

And while these learning options will never replace the breadth of knowledge and experience one gains at a college or university, branded educational content does provide audiences quick intellectual capital that’s immediately shareable. And it’s not only useful, but quite possibly “cool”.

Does your brand have something to teach? If so you could make a big impact through education-based content. Here are a couple of ways to do it.


Media and Content

A number of brands are taking what they know and turning it into content, from blogs to videos to documentaries. Here are a few examples of different executions:


Learning Experiences

As a step up from education-based content, some brands are making full “courses” in various forms and offering them at a price or for free. Here are three top examples:

If your marketing team has a content marketing plan or is in the midst of implementing one, it would be hard not to ignore the options in this list. You’d even be surprised by how simple it is to create this type of content.

Open sourced video assets and changing audience standards have made video creation a lot easier, while new tools make it easy for brands to create a comprehensive, online course.

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