Cricket betting: what is it and betting options

By idfive \ January 22, 2023

Cricket Mostbet is a team sport especially popular in India. More than one billion people live in this country, so the discipline has many fans, they ensured its popularity around the world, including in betting lines. Major tournaments in this sport take place all year round, which attracts many bettors.

How is cricket played?

Cricket is a discipline similar in appearance to baseball. The main task of the players is to hit the ball served by the defending team. Each team has 11 players on the field.

Opponents take turns serving and hitting the ball. The offensive player aims to score the maximum number of runs over the bowler’s six innings.

A batsman is a member of the team who deflects shots, trying to do it so that the ball flies as far as possible from the opponents.

What can you bet on in cricket?

Cricket is now found in the painting of most modern bookmakers. The following markets are mainly offered to users:

Match outcome. A draw in cricket is a rarity, so bookmakers offer high quotes for this outcome. On average, the probability of a tie in cricket is comparable to the number of draws in hockey.

Handicap  – placing a bet on the victory of a team with a conditional advantage (plus handicap) or a lag (minus handicap). Such a market is often chosen when bookmakers offer too low odds on the winner of a match. If you guess the difference with which the team will succeed, you will be able to place a bet at a high quote.

Totals  – a bet on the total number of runs at the end of a match or one of its segments. You can bet on an individual total, in which case the wounds of only one of the teams will be taken into account.

Player statistics.  At the top tournaments in the list of the  Mostbet betting company  , you can bet on the personal achievements of athletes in the match. For example, for the number of six-point strikes, runs, titles at the end of the match – the best player of the meeting or the best batsman.

Game statistics.  In this type of painting, you can often find many options. It’s a bet on the number of run-outs, a way to break the first wicket.

How to analyze cricket matches

Experienced cappers have developed several effective approaches that allow you to bet on cricket with high traffic. First of all, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

How did the draw go?  In cricket, she determines the order of attack. Often the team attacking at the beginning has an advantage, as they attack with a new ball on a fresh field. In cricket, balls are changed only after 80 overs. At the same time, it is easier for a batsman to hit the ball after a smooth rebound, when parts of the field have not yet been damaged.

Weather.  Cricket is one of the most weather-dependent sports. For example, teams don’t play in the rain. If precipitation is expected, the results of the draw often become decisive for the outcome of the confrontation.

Field features.  In different areas where tournaments are held, the surface of the field is different. It can be a long or short lawn, games are played even on an earthen surface. The speed of the rebound and flight of the ball depends on the type of field.

Uniforms of players and teams.  Be sure to assess the functional state of the team before the upcoming meeting. To do this, you need to view the results of recent matches, assess how strong the opponents were. When the team plays in series, the hosts after winning the first match often achieve success several more times in a row. Guests, if they fail to prove themselves in the opening meeting, risk falling into a losing streak.