Mobile App Design by Kelly Driver for MFA Thesis

For the past two years Kelly Driver has been leading a double life.

She starts the day as idfive Senior Designer Kelly, who only needs a Snuggie and a mug of coffee to churn out beautiful and smart work, and then just like a new-age barbie doll she switches her outfit and becomes a graduate student earning her Integrated Design MFA at the University of Baltimore.

We don’t know much about student Kelly, just that she’s made Senior Designer Kelly a lot more skilled in the arts of integrated design, and often more prone to deep yawns. Hence the coffee mug.

But now that’s over. After those two long years of moonlighting Kelly’s finally scored her coveted MFA—with a final thesis to show for it. Sitting in the halls of the University of Baltimore library is Kelly’s design project of a mobile app she herself conceived, planned and executed.

Called House Rules, the mobile app would become a reliable and expansive storage for gameplay directions for classic board games like Risk to the most obscure and antiquated card games. The app would allow users to submit rules for the various games that they’ve been playing, and altering, for years, giving others the chance to discover and play them too.

The application would also allow users to chat and meetup to play–encouraging friends, families and community groups to keep these social traditions going.

While the development of the app is dependent on future funding, Kelly was able to conceive and trademark the idea for the app, plan its user base and marketability, and design the various user interfaces—from creating an account, to social media sharing and message templating.

The work is quite impressive, but what’s maybe even more impressive was Kelly’s ability to lead her double life with the motivation of three to four people. As a result I think it’s now safe to say that the two Kelly’s have merged to form a Super-Powered, Integrated Web Designer With an MFA Kelly. We commend her on that accomplishment—and we’re fearful of her powers. 

If you have any questions on the House Rules app, feel free to contact Kelly at

homescreen-v1 Civil-war browse-games

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