Eddie’s of Roland Park Holiday Guide
Print Design


While the holidays are a busy time, people still want to eat, and they want to eat well. Considering people’s packed schedules, their influx of guests, and an unspoken raising of culinary standards, every year Eddie’s of Roland Park, Baltimore’s gourmet grocery store, promotes its famous holiday catering options as a shopping shortcut that doesn’t skimp on quality. The Eddie’s of Roland Park Holiday Guide is an annual brochure used to highlight these festive offerings. But to truly sway shoppers and coincide with the season’s grandeur, this promotional piece needs to do more than just relay the predictable turkey with stuffing—it has to work in tandem with their website, express the unique value of each offering, and highlight Eddie’s two brand differentiators: local and gourmet.


Working with Eddie’s of Roland Park, idfive created the Home for the Holidays guide. With this “Guide to Making Merry,” shoppers can peruse Eddie’s delicious offerings, both holiday staples and inventive creations, and choose a home-cooked (and locally made) meal to be eaten at their own dinner table. The guide starts with a Baltimore-themed introduction, followed by several rich descriptions of food options, and cooking suggestions that lead into more recipe ideas to be found at their holiday website. Having to convey the ornate style of the holidays, the guide is full of beautiful photography with puckish headlines like “Don’t Be Shy” and “Mull it Over” tucked around them. With persuasive copy and an aesthetic that puts a festive touch on the Eddie’s brand, the final piece proudly promotes the store’s ability to help Baltimoreans eat well, shop local and fully enjoy these rare and merry moments.