Eddie's of Roland Park Introducing an iconic local grocer to new neighbors.

The Challenge

Eddie’s of Roland Park is an iconic, family-owned supermarket that generations of families in Baltimore have grown up with. Over the last decade, the neighborhoods that have embraced Eddie’s have become more diverse; an influx of young professionals and out-of-towners have moved in as an aging population has moved out. As the market changed, Eddie’s saw an opportunity to connect with a new generation of shoppers who may not have the same sentimental affinities for their brand. Known for its famous customer service and local flavors, Eddie’s wanted appeal to a broader market segment.

The Solution

Maybe it’s the protein high from the crab cakes or the thin air in the upper deck at Camden Yards, but idfive has always been smitten with our city. Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to work with a hometown brand like Eddie’s.

We started by conducting a thorough discovery to uncover the core of Eddie’s brand. Input from customers, employees and neighbors revealed a key question: How do we maintain the old-fashioned, hometown sentimentality while positioning Eddie’s for a new audience that watches the Food Network, buys locally sourced produce, and isn’t afraid to pay for artisan cheeses? We created a tagline for the brand to preserve that delicate balance: Baltimore’s Gourmet Grocer Since 1944. “Gourmet” taps into the changing sensibilities of today’s foodies while “Baltimore” and “Grocer” harken back to a simpler time—one that we can all appreciate in this hectic day and age. We also updated the design approach and copy strategy to tap into what Eddie’s does best: bringing Baltimoreans together around great food.

Tactics included van wraps, grocery bags, postcards, holiday guides, and gift cards with hand-drawn illustrations and messaging that focused on the community experience, not just the food that goes into it. Coupons attached to the postcards provided incentive for people to come in to try Eddie’s again (or for the first time) while also providing an opportunity to gather valuable information about shoppers, their neighborhoods and their preferences.

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