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There’s a consistently painstaking element of college and university websites that we see every time we head to development…the events calendar. These institutions often have multiple calendars being used by different departments for various events—getting content on both individual calendars and a school’s central calendar is a nightmare of a process that can lead to staff confusion and missed opportunities. Not only that, but the interfaces are almost always out-dated and not user friendly, and often don’t integrate well with different content management systems. Partnering with Howard University, we finally said enough is enough and built the best events calendar application imaginable. In the end, we created stand-alone software that we are offering to the universe. For FREE. You heard right, free.


Built and branded by idfive and Howard University, UniCal is a beautiful, customizable calendar app that makes it easy for organizations to promote events across multiple websites. A Drupal-powered web-app that can easily integrate with other CMS platforms like WordPress, UniCal offers a central calendar as a main hub for all events, and an infinite number of custom sub-calendars can be created to fit the organization’s needs. UniCal allows you to publish the sub-calendars on as many different websites as needed, from one website to eleventy-finity websites. It’s that powerful.

As if that weren’t good enough, the code for the UniCal modules is open-sourced, with idfive services available to help implement or customize calendars. As we continue to build websites for big institutions, it’s a major relief knowing that UniCal is out there and making event management easier than ever.

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