Website Redesign


Vaccinogen is a biotechnology company, producing personalized vaccines that use a patient’s immune system to fight cancer. Their flagship therapy, OncoVax®, is currently in the advanced stages of clinical trials. Their recent funding commitment sparked Vaccinogen to update the brand’s presence online, allowing them to better demonstrate their credibility and educate audiences on immunotherapy. Seeking further funding for the clinical trials, they also needed to assure potential investors that their support was not only socially responsible, but profitable as well. Finally, the new website needed to appeal to possible clinical trial participants for Vaccinogen’s international phase IIIb confirmatory study.


OncoVAX® is a heterogeneous treatment; each patient’s vaccine is unique and designed to awaken their specific immune system—and the website had to emphasize that. We created the tag, “A cancer vaccine as unique as you are,” and with images and a design aesthetic that gave the site a personal touch, we were able to present a human face to the disease and the treatment. It was an appeal to possible participants that helped them feel comfortable seeking difficult information. idfive collaborated with the Vaccinogen team and their legal partners to provide approachable copy that spoke to non-medical professionals like participants, family members and investors. We also optimized the site to better take advantage of search engine traffic. In the end, idfive created a user-friendly site to support Vaccinogen as they evolve into an industry leader in immunotherapy.

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