Whitman, Requardt & Associates Redrawing an iconic construction and engineering firm's online blueprint.

The Challenge

As it marked its 100-year anniversary, architectural and engineering firm Whitman, Requardt & Associates set its sights on positioning the company for the next century. In a competitive market where firms claim they can handle every aspect of building and infrastructure—but rarely deliver—WRA needed to distinguish itself as a firm that truly walked the walk. With over 400 recent projects across dozens of disciplines and fields of expertise, WRA had to present their depth of experience without overwhelming audiences.

The Solution

Working closely with the WRA communications team, idfive helped WRA refine its brand by developing a fully-responsive website that highlighted the the firm’s evolution. A key part of the website included robust filtering features, allowing users to search the site for content by project, discipline, and expertise—an essential strategy to show the depth and breadth of the firm’s work. Bold typography, custom photography, and thoughtful interaction design help to create an enjoyable, intuitive experience for a user base that prefers substance over sizzle.

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