American College of Financial Services

The Challenge

The American College of Financial Services has always had industry-leading educational programs for financial professionals. The launch of Personal Pathway™ was giving them a top-level learning model too — but no one had ever heard of it or knew how it worked. The College partnered with idfive to ensure the rollout was worthy of the program.

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YoY percentage enrollment increase, July 2019 — July 2020

The team really thought through the customer journey at every touchpoint. With that focus, we were able to tie together several elements to chauffer the user through the benefits of the Personal Pathway experience.

Samantha Eckels
Account Executive


The Personal Pathway™ learning experience provides a lot of advantages. Students can learn on their own time and schedule, choose a structured or more customized path, access interactive texts and lesson reviews, and prepare like never before to pass the courses and exams required for two of the most valuable professional designations in the financial advisor field.

Communicating that many advantages required an expansive strategy. Working with The College, our team developed a customer journey that began with targeted online display and social media ads and then led prospects to multiple touchpoints designed to provide a fuller overview and increase interest. These touchpoints included campaign landing pages, emails, an online guide to the learning experience, and a sample lesson only accessible once prospects fill out an RFI. Within this, we also integrated messaging about introductory pricing, creating a customer journey in which each stage increased prospects’ understanding of the product and their desire to enroll.


At its core, the Personal Pathway™ learning experience is about giving financial professionals more control — over their learning and, ultimately, over their career. The design accentuates this, using bold headlines and strong imagery to brand Personal Pathway™ as an experience that puts you in control of your future.

Content Strategy and Copywriting

While a sample lesson and an introductory pricing offer provided incentives for prospects to learn more, idfive’s copywriters had to provide the words that would seal the deal. In addition to the campaign headlines, the copywriters in close collaboration with The College’s marketing team wrote a series of copy-intensive assets ranging from an expansive e-book to an informational webpage to callouts that could be placed within The College’s existing website framework. In every instance, the copy leaned heavily on the promotion of the program’s key selling points while maintaining a consistently bold tone. The combination of hard, well-presented facts with a confident, spirited attitude branded Personal Pathway™ as a must-have learning experience for ambitious financial professionals.


To ensure financial professionals knew about Personal Pathway™, idfive’s media team sought out placements that would hit the right market at the right time. We targeted financial professionals with online display ads as well as Facebook and LinkedIn image ads, lead-gen ads and even video ads. We followed-up with retargeting ads and further augmented the efforts with dynamic search ads that captured prospects actively seeking the kind of educational experience Personal Pathway™ provides.

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Client Success

The Personal Pathway™ campaign generated an immediate response and strong results. Within a few days of the campaign’s launch, enrollments started coming in at an impressive pace. Additionally, the campaign helped advance The College’s brand, reinforcing the school’s position as a leader in delivering quality education for financial professionals.


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