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5 Reasons Schools Should Use Their Newspapers to Market Their Brand

By idfive \ April 10, 2015

In 2015 writers finally feel loved again.

Blogging is a profession. Alternative news sources are producing some of America’s best stories. School newspapers are respected for subversion and style.

During this period it’ll be important to look at how a school newspaper can get more attention then ever from students and alumni, while standing as a new and engaging marketing pillar for your schools brand.

  1. Content is believable. There is no skepticism as to whether a student’s opinion on local music has a corporate influence.
  2. Negative content won’t hurt you. If 40% of the students think they deserve better sports field, that opinion will get out with or without a school paper.
  3. Writers will become celebrities. Buzzfeed, the New Yorker, and Vice all feature their writers. Those writers become semi celebrities in Brooklyn, but your writers will become major celebrities on campus. Make not mistake, it’s now cool to be a clever and pithy journalist.
  4. They hone in on your brand image. Whether your school’s brand image revolves around scientific research, commercial art, or the local community, you can use the newspaper to convey that image. If you don’t know what image is best for you, see what stories get the most attention.
  5. Incorporates all academic departments.
    • Graphic designers can do the art
    • Business majors can contribute content related to business
    • Film students can do movie reviews
    • Psyche majors can do interviews and profiles