Our Team

Pleased to meet you.

Heart and hustle. That’s the nature — and strength — of our team. From research to strategy to creative, we love what we do, and we love working together to do it. No one here is just their title. Because everyone here does what it takes to get the job done right. It’s how we make a difference for partners who make a difference.

We love what we do and we do what we love…even if some of us don’t love being on video.

Tom Marsden
Office Manager

Tom holds down the idfive fort. He wouldn’t tell us much about himself for this bio, but there are a few things we can deduce from observation. He takes care of fivers. Besides handling multiple HR and accounting tasks, he fuels our coffee-drinking habits, purchases supplies, hands over the company card when we need it, and doesn’t judge us for sending all our personal packages to idfive. Tom makes sure everyone has what they need, from the moment they start at idfive.

Tara Nowakowski
Associate Vice President of Finance

Tara has 20 years of marketing experience and has been with the company since the beginning. As one of our fearless leaders, she handles everything from client billing to project budgeting to human resources. Her door is always open for questions or suggestions, and her fridge always has a bottle of wine for special occasions. Tara somehow manages to make the necessary, administrative stuff less painful and her recognizable laugh is contagious.

Simon Schaber
Full Stack Developer

Simon’s career as a professional web developer—now at 10 years and counting—fills his heart as well as his pockets: he’s been passionate about coding since his early teenage years. As a full stack web developer, he matches that passion with the skills needed to create a smooth, attractive user experience and a secure & scalable codebase.

Sean Carton
Chief Strategist

Sean leads our Discover360 engagements, gathering data and research to develop the insights necessary for crafting effective strategies for our clients. He has a perfectly varied background for our higher education and nonprofit partners: He’s served as everything from a dean to an adjunct professor to the co-director of a high school cybersecurity summer camp to the leader of a university 3D printing lab. Sean also has an uncanny talent for creating the perfect meme faster than you can search for one.


Sarah Yalov

Sarah is passionate about creating print and digital designs that move the needle for her clients. She’s a stickler for work that is equal parts accessible and attention-grabbing. The textbook definition of “team player” — ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done — Sarah has a ready smile and infectious, can-do attitude. When she’s not exercising her design chops, you’re likely to find Sarah working out, dancing, cooking, baking, and counseling her crazy cat Dora.

Samantha Eckels
Senior Account Executive

Samantha gets and keeps projects in shape like that of a former Division 1 athlete. With focus, collaboration, flexibility, and the occasional tin of baked goods, she always goes above and beyond for her clients and her team. Samantha has tackled digital advertising campaigns and large-scale website redesigns with both patience and persistence, helping to manage teams both locally and abroad. And somehow Samantha does this all while spreading positivity and smiles.

Peter Toran
Lead Strategist

Peter is unequivocally the coolest person in the office. Having served in university leadership and on executive boards, Peter has a lot of experience in a lot of areas. And he helps gain our clients’ trust and support from Day One. Peter is also an expert on enrollment and content strategy and institutional branding and communications. There’s nothing this guy can’t do, but he’s exceptionally good at bringing us artisanal bread on Friday’s paired with well-baked puns.


Pat Balasavage
Sr. User Experience and Interface Designer

Pat is a detailed-oriented UX and graphic designer who loves to nerd out over data and user behaviors. It’s what makes her so adept at building an empathetic digital experience and at working with developers to create sites that aren’t just beautiful, but that get results. Pat is an excellent collaborator and invites feedback from across the agency. And when it comes to effective documentation, best practices, or all things Outlander, Pat is your girl.


Mónica Rodríguez-Pérez

Mónica Rodríguez-Pérez is a passionate writer, art historian, tech nerd, and book lover. She's worked with a variety of clients within the financial and wellness industries to create and execute successful content marketing strategies. Mónica loves to research, conceptualize, and write anything from blog posts to email campaigns and everything in between. In her free time, she's usually cuddling with her partner and her puppy Lily, roaming the halls of museums, or at her local bookstore surrounded by stacks of books.


Matti Miranda
Senior Media Strategist/Buyer

Matti Miranda lives in Washington, D.C., by way of San Diego. She brings a diverse skill set to the team with over 14 years of experience as a digital strategist, project manager, and political operative. Matti had the honor of working on vaccines as a scientist earlier in her career. When she's not developing successful campaigns for her clients, Matti likes to hike, run, read essays, and hang out with her pup.

Mark Levy
Senior Web Developer

Mark has been along for the ride on the ever-evolving web for over a decade, building interactive web applications with a focus on accessibility and pushing the boundaries of what's visually possible. When not coding on one or more of his three monitors, Mark is probably lost on the Gwynns Falls Trail in the forest behind his house, or pinned to the couch by his big orange cat, Sharky.

Kimberley Glazier
Graphic Designer

Kim is an illustrator-turned-graphic-designer with a passion for all things visual and creative. An avid reader of comics and lover of film, she highly reveres the power of storytelling and likes to bring a narrative into her design work. Kim welcomes a challenge, finding the constant problem-solving that comes with design an opportunity to grow. She is always on the lookout for projects to diversify her skill set and peers to learn from and bounce ideas off.

Kathe Flynn
Creative Director

Kathe is a brilliant and talented creative director that fuels our creative department. She has thrived as a creative leader in Charm City for over two decades. Whether crafting impactful stories or taking the time to bake the best cupcakes in town for a team member’s birthday—Kathe brings every tool to the table and wields them with the utmost craft, enthusiasm, and humanity. Born in Baltimore, Kathe is passionate about the community and serves as both 1st Vice President and Social Chair for the AAF Baltimore.

Katelyn Brickey
Senior Account Executive

Katelyn is a detail-oriented and passionate account executive who has a gift for staying focused and optimistic during the most complex of projects. Her extensive experience managing web, print, and marketing projects makes her not only a team leader but a team cheerleader — always encouraging folks to finish strong. Katelyn is an unapologetic perfectionist and is hands-down the best-dressed person at idfive. We’re all a little jealous she lives in paradise, but even more thrilled when she’s in town.

Jodi Hey
Associate Director of Client Services

Jodi brings a strategic eye for creativity, flexibility, and order to her clients. Her professional passion for web, print, experiential design, event marketing, media, and content strategy is contagious. Jodi is also an unapologetic team player. She’s made significant strategic marketing contributions to clients like Johns Hopkins University and School of Public Health, Maryland Food Bank, Smithsonian Institution, and Baltimore Police Department. Jodi has been in Baltimore’s marketing scene for over 15 years and has an M.A. in Publication Design and Marketing from the University of Baltimore.

Jill Sprague
Associate Director of Media

Jill is a savvy media strategist who leads our tireless media team. She has more than 15 years of experience in digital and print advertising, marketing, programmatic media buying and account management. Jill helps our clients move the needle on their campaign goals whether to increase brand awareness, promote thought leadership, or generate qualified leads. When she isn’t at work, Jill might be training for a 10K, tap dancing, or having an impromptu dance party with her kids.  

Jessica Campomanes
Marketing Manager

Jess is a brilliant and detail-oriented media account manager who has a heart of gold. She is a skilled writer, researcher, and strategic thinker who will do whatever needs done for her team and clients — administrative tasks, reporting and campaign management — without hesitation. Jess’ smile and positive attitude can mend any bad day. But she is serious about getting stuff done — well — and seriously one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.


Jayvie Arellano
Web Support Lead

Jayvie is a hardworking developer who just so happens to be self-taught. He jumps in whenever anyone needs help, and is idfive’s point person for troubleshooting and ongoing web development support. Jayvie also architects complex Wordpress builds for our clients and helps them to understand how things work. A curious, Jack of All Trades, Jayvie is an adaptable team member. He also isn’t ashamed of taking home leftovers or asking, “Are you gunna finish that?”


Jake Tarbert
Associate Vice President

Jake approaches leadership and client services with attention to detail, discipline, and receptiveness. And having worked at The Most Magical Place on Earth, Jake understands the value of creativity and thinking outside the box. As one of idfive’s vice presidents, Jake wears quite a few hats but manages to do so with a level head. He has earned the respect of some of the company’s longest-standing clients and is an equally quick favorite among our newer partners.

Geoff Silvis
Art Director

Geoff is a multidisciplinary designer who aims to craft engaging, fun, marketable designs focused on strong imagery, typography, information hierarchy, and effective communication. Outside the office, much of his time is spent sketching Dungeons & Dragons kit illustrations, toiling with yard work, and crafting adequate dad jokes.

Erinn Hesse
Associate Director of Client Services

Erinn is a fiercely smart, strategic, and kind account executive who is always willing to lend a hand or jump through hoops for her team. She has a knack for nurturing workflow, solving problems, and Excel spreadsheets, and manages large-scale projects with unwavering dedication and efficiency. If Erinn doesn’t know something, give her a day and she’ll be an expert. To her: the more bold, head-spinningly innovative a project, the better. And the more after work happy hours, the merrier

Dan Rogers
Director of Development

Dan is equal parts front-end developer, back-end developer, and Rockies adventurer. He tackles intricate websites with unparalleled focus and believes that technology should be the solution to — rather than the cause of — problems. Dan understands that projects don’t end at launch and that follow-up and reflection are essential to constant improvement. How he stays on task while living in the middle of a wintery paradise? We will never know.


Christian Mortlock
Senior Art Director

Christian is a problem solver at heart, and approaches design through a similar lens. Bringing his experience from studios both large and small, he feels passionate about working collaboratively and helping ideas reach their full potential. Originally a native of Exit 4, New Jersey, Christian has made Baltimore his home for the past 10 years. He has a soft spot for book design, history, and has recently been dabbling in gardening.

Chrissy Bartels
Senior Account Executive

Chrissy’s enthusiasm is contagious. She brings a variety of expertise from a diverse background that culminate in the production machine she is. Her passion for storytelling is the benchmark of her success in marketing and she infuses it into content strategy, event marketing, multi-media, web design, and a multitude of creative solutions. Chrissy possesses a Master of Fine Arts in TV &Film with a concentration in Script & Screenwriting from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia that has allowed her to help companies tell stories that matter to their customers.

Caitlin Currey
Associate Vice President, Creative Strategy

Caitlin is a wickedly smart and passionate leader who can relate to her clients because she’s been in their shoes. She’s mastered how to execute an effective communications strategy, build and promote a brand, and grow advancement for idfive’s nonprofit partners. Caitlin’s diverse experiences are why she’s a valuable asset to her clients and mentor to her teammates. With her wit, genuine honesty, and Southern charm, Caitlin is hard not to love — and to look up to.

Bryan Burke
Digital Media Designer

Bryan is an experienced designer, video producer and animator whose equally interested in social media strategy and user experience. Having worked as a freelancer, in-house creative, and at his own college start-up, Bryan embraces wearing many hats and uses his skills in tandem to better tell a brand’s story. He’ll also beat you up four flights of stairs with a bike over his shoulder, before you’ve even pressed the elevator button.


Brad Walker
Senior Web Developer

A Western Maryland native, Brad has worked at various Baltimore design agencies for the last 15+ years, focusing on graphic design and front-end web development. When he's not creating work that wows his clients and helps them achieve their mission, you'll find Brad playing drums and guitar, drawing, painting, and hiking with his wife Sharyn and Richie, their fluffy Bichon Frise.

Ben Johnson
Associate Creative Director

Ben is our witty associate creative director with a passion for storytelling. He brings an analytical approach to creative delivery, with an entrepreneurial eye for digital connectivity and a nose for a good story. As a collaborator, Ben loves to ask questions, learn new things, explore a broad range of possibilities, and go on interesting journeys down unexpected rabbit holes with curious people. Tell him about your favorite album or book. He wants to know. Even the small talk is big to him.


Anthony Neumann
Senior Web Developer

Anthony is an experienced back- and front-developer who specializes in making large, enterprise-level builds look easy. With laser-focus and unwavering dedication, he’s someone who gets complex things done. Anthony doesn’t shy away from teaching, learning something new, or jumping in where his team needs him. Although remarkable at what he does, he answers questions and values new insight. Anthony is equally passionate about perfect code as he is about a perfect game of golf.

Andrew White
Director of User Experience and Information Design

Andrew is the type of guy whose advice you always trust, even if you don’t know him well yet. He’s worked across many disciplines, gaining a diverse portfolio of experience that he uses to create cohesive, engaging user experiences. Andrew likes to think about how people think, and is always ready to try something new. He’s a big fan of collaboration, shared InVision prototypes, and a fully-loaded Italian sandwich.


Andres Zapata
Executive Vice President of Strategy, Co-founder

Andres isn’t like most EVPs or co-founders. He’s responsible for the operations and direction of idfive, but he’s also the door-always-open, huevos-rancheros-making leader who’ll help you when the wifi isn’t working. A lifetime learner and multifaceted professional, Andres has more than 20 years of experience leading projects for clients in various industries. He believes in the power of research and data to create something beautiful that can do something good.


Allison Grande
Account Executive

Allison is passionate about collaborating with her clients and teammates to bring creative marketing initiatives to life and help her clients achieve their goals. She earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from James Madison University. Allison approaches all projects — big or small — with enthusiasm and curiosity. She’s not afraid to ask questions and or look for ways to expand her knowledge. In her spare time, you’ll find Allison at the Pilates studio, listening to Taylor Swift, or tackling DIY art projects.

Adrian Bertolone
Senior Account Executive

Adrian brings a creative approach to managing web design projects with his extensive background in fine arts. He has several years of experience leading web teams and being a reliable point person for clients. Having grown up in a very culturally diverse area of Cleveland, Adrian prides himself on being relatable and approachable to people from all walks of life. When he’s not working, Adrian is cooking, woodworking, reading, or making audio/visual work.

The fiver family coming together and digging in at our annual pre-Thanksgiving feast.
Annual Retreat
Jayvie (center) and Andrew (right) prepare to face their fears on the zipline. Dan (left), on the other hand, who is a search and rescue volunteer in Idaho (really!), tries to stay awake.
Everyday Collaboration
John and Samantha crushing yet another media plan. Just another day at idfive.
Always Learning
Regular “Lunch and Learn” presentations give fivers a chance to share their brilliance with the rest of the team.
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