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Celebrating Juneteenth in Baltimore and Beyond

Illustration of a Queen Anne-style Victorian building in Baltimore.

By Kathe Flynn Deborah Dudley \ June 16, 2023

As a team at idfive, we’re committed to equity, equality, and racial justice. In honor of Juneteenth, we’re taking the time to reflect on our support of BIPOC communities and finding new ways to help them thrive. Being based in Baltimore, we’re proud to celebrate this special day with a shout-out to the many amazing Black-owned businesses and organizations in our city. And thanks to our team members across the country, we’ve discovered some incredible Black-owned businesses that we can’t wait to support.

Know your history

A great place to start is by taking some time to learn more about American History. The Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland of African American History & Culture is an amazing place to visit year-round to learn about Black history in Baltimore through its incredible permanent collection and events calendar. The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum is the only museum of its kind in the U.S. with a collection of figures representing the rich history of African Americans—from Ancient Africa, the Middle Passage, and Slavery, through the Civil Rights Movement and Black leaders of today.

Fiver favorites

If you’re a book-lover, head over to Drama MaMa Bookshop. Following Baltimore’s rich literary tradition, this independent bookstore offers books ranging from new releases to classics, delicious coffee, and even custom journals and bookbinding classes!

More Places to Explore:

Eats we can’t get enough of

Got a hankering for some ice cream? Head over to any Taharka Brothers location for a scoop and a great cause. With locations sprinkled throughout Baltimore, their goal is to help younger Baltimoreans create impactful and profitable businesses in some of our most troubled neighborhoods. 

More Deliciousness:

Places to Visit:

Beyond Baltimore

Located in Southern Texas, the Faith Fellowship Church in McAllen started as an African American-led church in the Rio Grande Valley—and quickly grew into a multicultural place of worship, bringing different communities together where they can learn about each other and their faith.

If you’re searching for some delicious healthy vegan food in Western New York, check out Sunshine Vegan Eats in Buffalo, New York. Making healthy food that’s accessible is one way to help communities not only become healthier but be able to fuel themselves to do their best.

If you’re closer to the DMV and looking for some delicious Vegan food, swing by Drop Squad Kitchen in Wilmington, Delaware. They create plant-based alternatives to Black American soul-food classics in a super intimate setting (with only 15 seats)!

Visiting Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn? Check out Playground Coffee Shop & Bookstore located at the corner of Quincy St. and Bedford Ave. This multipurpose space has a coffee shop, bookstore, event venue radio station, and community-based organization that advocates for their local community and BIPOC activism through their local events and nonprofit, Playground Youth. The corner is also the location where the Notorious B.I.G. began his hip-hop career and is commemorated with one of the many tribute murals of the artist throughout Bed-Stuy.

Kathe Flynn
Creative Director
Kathe Flynn
Creative Director

Kathe is a brilliant and talented creative director that fuels our creative department. She has thrived as a creative leader in Charm City for over two decades. Whether crafting impactful stories or taking the time to bake the best cupcakes in town for a team member’s birthday—Kathe brings every tool to the table and wields them with the utmost craft, enthusiasm, and humanity. Born in Baltimore, Kathe is passionate about the community and serves as both 1st Vice President and Social Chair for the AAF Baltimore.

Deborah Dudley
Senior Copywriter
Deborah Dudley
Senior Copywriter

As a communications practitioner, Deb leads with an open and hungry heart, eager to listen, learn, and leverage the unique ingredients within each client’s story. She believes the delicious is in the details and loves to find creative ways to elevate the flavors and textures that advance important mission-driven work. Her enthusiasm for language in all formats and channels has resulted in a diverse portfolio of leadership roles for publishers, domestic and international non-profit advocacy organizations, and both public and private universities. Deb’s penchant for cultural immersion has resulted in an equally diverse collection of home addresses: Chicago, Cairo, Limassol, Berlin, San Francisco, and Brooklyn. These days, Deb can be found learning how to repair a sump pump and experimenting with venison recipes at home in Northern New York.