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idfive: From the New Business Pitch to the Faculty Lounge

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By idfive \ April 26, 2017

Education is at the center of idfive’s identity. And it’s why you’re as likely to see idfive team members in front of the classroom as behind the ad campaigns that help universities thrive.

This semester, four idfive staff members will teach at Maryland universities. This involvement is just one of many ways the agency re-invests in the world of education, a process idfive believes makes it a stronger, more efficient marketing force, both in higher education and elsewhere.

“The classroom is critical for us. We’re in a business where, let’s be honest, you are always at risk of aging out of,” said Creative Director Matt McDermott. “Connecting with students keeps us grounded, reminds us of where we started, allows us to give back, and provides that much needed jolt of new ideas and fresh perspective. It’s invigorating.”

Along with McDermott, who is teaching Advertising Campaigns at Towson University, idfive’s Associate Creative Director Sam Borowy, Director of Development Nick Rigby, and Senior Interactive Designer Kelly Driver are all teaching courses during the Spring 2017 semester.

idfive encourages all staff to consider teaching, and provides the support to do it — recommending staff for positions, offering flexibility in work schedules, and making agency space and resources available for students. In total, 6 employees (20% of the agency) have taught at the collegiate level while at idfive. 

In addition to serving university clients and accommodating employee teachers, idfive also reimburses employees for courses they take, urges employees to share and demonstrate newly-acquired knowledge during communal Lunch and Learns, and provides time off for staff to attend or speak at select conferences and workshops.

This commitment to education is a passion and a legacy at idfive — one agency executives have taken an active role in. Chief Strategist Dr. Sean Carton is founding Dean of the School of Design and Media at Philadelphia University and held an endowed professorship at the University of Baltimore. McDermott taught in one of Baltimore City’s most disadvantaged high schools. And Andres Zapata has been an adjunct professor at the Maryland Institute College of Art since 2002.

“Education is the key to personal success and actualization,” said Zapata. “By ingraining education into our agency, we’ve built a team that can better achieve client goals and grow necessary skills and expertise in an ever-changing field. We also just think learning is an essential and awesome part of life.”

idfive’s Spring Semester:

  • Creative Director Matt McDermott teaches Advertising Campaigns in the Mass Comm department at Towson University;
  • Associate Creative Director Sam Borowy teaches Mass Media Graphics at Towson University;
  • Director of Development Nick Rigby teaches Interactive Media and Publishing at the Maryland Institute College of Art;
  • Senior Interactive Designer Kelly Driver teaches Introduction to Graphic Design Principles at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.