idfive New Office Space is Featured as a BBJ “Cool Digs”

idfive office: Wood ceiling, exposed brick walls, lantern style lighting, desks and computers.

By \ January 3, 2019

You’ve heard idfive moved, but have you ever wondered what we did with the space? Well, idfive was recently selected to be featured in the Baltimore Business Journal’s Cool Digs, giving readers a sneak peek into the office above 83.

idfive’s BURP wall is the main attraction in our work cafe. To us, BURP stands for Balance, Urgency, Respect, and Pride and we strive to excel in all four aspects, every day. Our vending machine, lego wall and kids room are also cool features. Be sure to head over to our featured article and check out other cool things idfive has in store.

About idfive

As an integrated marketing agency, idfive exists to amplify the good done by brands on a mission. Born in the digital age and raised in Baltimore, the agency uses research and user experience to guide their web design, development, communications, media and branding practices for a broad range of clients—including higher education, nonprofits, consumer packaged goods and healthcare. Honored for award-winning work, and revered for its enviable company culture, idfive’s 40-plus-person team strives to produce great work for brands it believes in. idfive operates offices in Baltimore, MD and Medellín, Colombia. For more information, visit: idfive.com