idfive’s Chief Strategist Will Share Print Vs. Digital Strategy at the 2016 LERN Conference

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By idfive \ November 15, 2016

(November 21, 2016) idfive’s Chief Strategist, Dr. Sean Carton, will speak at the the 2016 Learning Resource Network (LERN) conference this week about how to balance digital and print marketing.

LERN is the world’s largest association in continuing education and lifelong learning—their annual conference in Baltimore will focus on the future’s most vital how-to information for continuing education and lifelong learning professionals. A field that Dr. Carton, as a former higher education leader, has always been passionate about.

“Today’s fast-changing world requires all of us to become lifelong learners if we want to keep up,” said Dr. Carton. “LERN is the premiere organization for people working in the field of lifelong and continuing education and I am honored to have an opportunity speak at their annual conference. I am really looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned over the past 20 years about how to create truly integrated marketing programs that get results.”

Dr. Carton’s talk will reference his recent article in LERN’s magazine entitled “Print Vs. Digital? Yes!” In the article Dr. Carton makes the point that while digital tactics are a great way to quickly generating customer action, print and other physical marketing materials have an emotional impact that lasts. “It all depends on your goal,” says Dr. Carton in response to the question of print vs. digital.

“At idfive we believe that every marketing tactic is connected,” said Dr. Carton. “If an agency only focuses on web design, it’ll lose sight of how that work impacts research, media and advertising, and vise versa. At idfive, everything we do is integrated and revolves around the client’s goals.”

In addition to Dr. Carton’s talk on integrated marketing, the conference will also cover the future of education, how to market online courses and much more. Additional information about the LERN conference can be found here.

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