Explore Midtown Baltimore Like a Local

Purple hand-drawn map of midtown Baltimore

By idfive \ August 5, 2018

We’ve had little trouble making Midtown Baltimore our new home since moving offices earlier this year.

In true Charm-City fashion, the area is home to a slew of urban treasuresA nation-leading art school, a cherished dive-bar, an arthouse movie theater and more make the area a haven for the kind of adventurous, artistic-minded folk that appreciate cobble-stone and are ready to try Afghan food for the first time.

We put together this Google Map for anyone interested in exploring Midtown Baltimore. We included not just your typical lunch spots and bars, but the kind of places that only a local would point you to: century-old monuments, the rowhome that F. Scott Fitzgerald once lived in, rooftop & garden bars, and quite a few others. Most locations are within a 10-minute walk from idfive, so if you pass by, feel free to give a nod and a wave.