Reaching the Xennial Audience

By idfive \ April 1, 2022

Targeting generational audiences is always a challenge for marketers. Gen Z might drag you for being cheugy if your post is cringey, or they might call you a Boomer on TikTok while (puzzlingly) dancing to Fleetwood Mac. Because Gen Z isn’t messing around—if they don’t like something, they tell the world. 

And don’t even get us started on the often highly misunderstood Millennial generation.

Then, there’s the puzzling but complex micro-generation of Xennials born between 1977 and 1985—not quite GenX, and not quite Millennials. Often overlooked or lumped together with other generational groups, this “Oregon Trail Generation” spent their childhood without the internet, paged their friends: 07734, and replaced their music several times (cassettes > CDs > digital downloads > streaming).

As not to leave them out yet again, idfive is here to lead the way with a few quick, easy tips for reaching the Xennial audience.

Keep a pulse on what’s trending 

To speak to your audience, it’s important to authentically extrapolate the latest trends into your media—which means doing your research. Leveraging colloquialisms correctly in copy will ensure your marketing is all that and a bag of chips. For photography selections or photoshoots, take care to choose images that reflect the Xennial aesthetic—low-cut jeans are always a win, and flannels should be tied around waists like a fanny pack. 

Use social media to your advantage

Social media is as popular as ever with all demographics, especially Xennials. Tailor your media content to fit the social media platforms that resonate with their tastes and interests. 

For example, if you’re looking to create viral content on MySpace, consider bulletins, blog posts (synergistically cross-linked to your brand’s LiveJournal page), or a great photo album. And if you really want to get Xennial attention, add them to your Top Eight. Move over, Tom.


Don’t limit yourself to just MySpace, though. Xennials don’t! 

Check out AOL, MSN, YAHOO IM, and Friendster to maximize engagement with features like branded nudges, pokes, sticker packs, and friend requests. Once the engagement starts flying, you’ll find your brand’s website on the top results for Ask Jeeves in no time.

Focus on mobile

Unwind yourself from that phone cord—mobile apps are taking over with popular automated services such as Moviefone, allowing people to tap into the information superhighway, even on the go! But did you know that your flip phone can also be used to transmit messages by typing them? It’s called texting, and Xennials can’t get enough of it.

Want to stand out from the crowd in Xennials incoming text messages menu? Try sending a picture instead of just words. Believe it or not, you can. That technology exists.


Xennials can spot a fake from a mile away, so while you’re sending messages, make sure you’re using the latest slang. Consider this list of popular texting shorthand to get you started:

  • BRB: “Buy Our Brand” (it never hurts to ask)
  • TTYL: “Talk To Your coLLeagues” (will make sure your message is shared)
  • ROFL: “Rowlf Is My Favorite Muppet” (Xennials love this muppet)
  • LOL: “Lout Alert” (a rude person)
  • OMG: “Ouch, My Gut” (use when you are audibly laughing)
  • IDK: “I Do Karate” (intimidation tactic to close the deal)

Feel free to try your own! If it catches on, you will get royalties just like Jim Lmao did.

Go old school

If none of the above shortcuts work, you could also try treating audiences of all ages with the dignity and respect they deserve, guided by a rigorous understanding of what they actually want.

Happy April 1 from idfive.