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The Ethics of Digital Targeting

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By idfive \ April 30, 2018

According to Gallup, confidence in our nation’s major institutions—banks, newspapers, big businesses, medical systems, public schools, etc.—is at an all-time low. Despite widespread distrust, it doesn’t stop users from freely giving up significant amounts of personal information online.

This information can range from a person’s taste in music to the amount of their monthly car payment. As marketers, we must be responsible stewards of this information. Because we are held to minimal legal standards, it’s essential for reputable marketers to create our own guardrails.

idfive Director of Media Colleen Riopko considers the balance between ethics and marketing efficiency every day. In an article for Chief Marketer, Colleen covers three things a client must do before embarking on an online media campaign:

  1. Define your corporate values.
  2. Set a hardline—and stick to it.
  3. Go with your gut.

Read the full article here to see how Colleen suggests companies integrate these principles into their marketing.