WYPR-WTMD Baltimore Public Media

The Challenge

The merger of WYPR and WTMD brought Baltimore’s two iconic public radio stations together, creating opportunities to reach new audiences on the air, online, on mobile—and in ways not yet imagined. But because each station had developed a distinct identity and loyal following—WYPR for news and investigative journalism, WTMD for arts and culture—the partnership also presented some challenges. How could the merged stations expand their reach while keeping their existing audience base? Was it possible to brand an “umbrella” organization that built on equity earned over decades while honoring the unique identity of both partners? idfive knew from experience that when it comes to branding, the whole isn’t automatically greater than the sum of its parts. Working with teams from both stations, idfive had to define the new entity’s “why” and build authentically from there: The stations’ audiences would be watching—and listening. 

The Solution

Mind the Gaps

First things first in navigating significant changes in brand identity—mind the gaps. idfive’s initial analysis revealed the divide between the perceived, actual, and desired brand attributes for both stations. Through our AudienceScan—a combination of interviews, focus groups, and surveys, engaging both existing and target audiences—we began to tailor messaging to bridge the needs of existing audiences. In other words, we needed to “decorporatize” WYPR and keep WTMD funky. Coupling idfive research with a two-day workshop, we initiated collaboration between WYPR and WTMD station personnel—closing the gaps in creative consensus, defining a new team, identifying shared brand attributes, and determining a new name—Baltimore Public Media.

Sound Bite
Sound Bite (25% Tint)
204 / 232 / 235
17 / 1 / 0 / 9

Community Amplified

Taglines can be memorable, and they can be liked. The best are both. For that best-of-both-worlds scenario to happen, the sentiment the tagline evokes must be consistent with more than your brand personality and voice: it must fit with your organization’s mission, vision and value statements. Community Amplified was the result of a collaborative effort and resonates with both Baltimore Public Radio partners’ commitment to their communities and to amplify their stories and voices. “Amplify’’ also connects—both thematically and visually—to the partners’ roots in radio. 

Formed by the partnership between WTMD and WYPR, Baltimore’s two iconic public radio stations, Baltimore Public Media is signaling a new chapter in community-serving and community-supported media in the region. Complete with idfive’s construction of a bigger, bolder umbrella, upgraded logos, logo alignment, and comprehensive brand identity platform, Baltimore Public Media clearly answers the call of new audiences with one vision, amplifying the best of all worlds.

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