The Challenge

As a website that promotes food sustainability, FoodPrint strives to make people more conscious of how the food that they eat, buy, and cook impacts animals, the environment, and humans. You’ve likely heard of your “Carbon Footprint.” But FoodPrint wants to popularize the “Food Print”—and make it easier than ever for you to reduce yours. Partnered with the nonprofit, idfive sought to create an engaging and informative website that amplified this mission.

UX Design

The purpose of this website is challenge understanding and reeducate. It’s uncomfortable for most to find out they had it all wrong all along. Our UX threaded a thin line to meet these goals head on. We practiced with extreme empathy and created simple, guided, and additive experiences that progressively revealed facts and impact that lead visitors to new understandings, and ultimately to action.


As part to the website experience, an interactive quiz application was developed that provides each user with personalized, actionable opportunities based on their input.

See the Quiz in Action

The Solution

FoodPrint’s new website cuts through the cluttered dialogue around food sustainability. A comprehensive resource, the website places a broad array of stories and tools related to food sustainability in the hands of consumers. An intuitive food label guide; encyclopedia-level articles for 200+ foods; an innovative FoodPrint Quiz; and more are all organized by a sophisticated taxonomy system and site architecture. Optimized for search engines and shareable over social media, the website’s content has the potential to educate and assist countless consumers looking to make more ethical food choices

There’s amazing potential for good in the world. Let’s give it a chance and a voice.

You in?