UMD Arts & Humanities

The Challenge

For the University of Maryland College of Arts and Humanities, a website redesign was an opportunity to bolster the reputation of the college for both internal and external audiences. While the college serves a majority of the University’s students through core education requirements, it isn’t always thought of as its own entity. To correct this misconception, the website needed to provide compelling answers to a simple question: What is the College of Arts and Humanities? With 14 unique departments (and numerous centers, institutes, and galleries) all housed under one roof, answering this question became complex. How could the new site communicate the shared goal of exposing people to new and innovative ways of thinking about the human experience?

UMD Arts & Humanities website UMD Arts & Humanities website

The Solution

Informed by audience and stakeholder interviews and an in-depth website scan, the redesigned website highlights the College of Arts and Humanities’ vital role in education, research, and advocacy. The new design offers the flexibility to feature student, faculty, and alumni achievements through engaging homepage interactivity and microinteractions, while additional content allows for easy exploration and provides a vibrant space to celebrate the work of the College. Accessible, mobile-first design and content structure aimed at triaging audience needs ensures a positive and on-brand experience for all users.

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