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Best Flight Patterns Ever

We’ve all seen the hub and spoke flight pattern that most airlines publish in the back of their complimentary magazines. Well this takes… Read More

Citi’s Identity

The original sketch of the Citi logo, appropriately on a napkin, by Paula Scher (of Pentagram) in 1998. Read More


We were chatting today about Apple’s amazing (and amazingly beautiful) new phone, and someone mentioned that it takes serious cojones to remake yourself from… Read More

Whistle While You Work

Ok, we are not Google, but we do have fun. Maybe not this much fun! It’s amazing how a little flexibility, respect… Read More

kuler color tools

I have been liking color tools a lot more when I am designing. I used to dislike them for some reason I have since… Read More

The Future of The Web?

One of the first units I teach in both of my Interactive Media, and User Experience and Interface Design classes is the “then, now and… Read More

Leonardo, Animated

Ted sent around a great link to the Victoria and Albert’s new online Leonardo collection, where they have taken some pains to animate Leonardo’s sketches. Read More

Resolution Independence

Apple has revealed that Leopard’s interface will be resolution-independent. This is a big deal in the development word, as it is the first acknowledgment that… Read More

Random Oddness for a Tuesday

It’s a rainy, yucky Tuesday here in Baltimore, one of those days that kind of wants to make you hunker… Read More

Workspace Porn

No no, NOT PORN in the work place, I mean work place images that are almost as interesting as porn. uhm. Almost. I… Read More