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Farewell Alan Fletcher

Portrait by Primoz Korosec It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to Alan Fletcher. I came to know his work… Read More

Apple Droning: Explained

Two weeks ago, I wrote about why Apple was doomed. That entry generated a lot of …er… feedback. The feedback was emotional [and misguided], to… Read More


I have joked (in a not-so-funny-way) that the reason I (an otherwise marginally capable web developer) have trouble with office phones is that there really… Read More

Re-branding a country? Why not? Particularly if it is needed.

If ever there was a country more in need of a re-branding, it is Argentina. The eighth-largest country in the world… Read More

Student Excellence

These adobe design winners did a terrific job, so check out their work:  … Read More

The Squint Test Won’t Cut it Anymore?

About seven years ago, I learned a great lesson from a great person. Peter Quinn, my then Art Director, and current… Read More

Financial Identity Schizophrenia

Last week we took a look at how 2 financial institutions are managing their brands in the face of deregulation. Deregulation, on the face of… Read More

Someone get a mop, please.

With the influx of Web2.0 redesigns and designers’ efforts to bring the look and feel of things in general “current”, there’s a trend, and… Read More

Refreshingly Clean

On this disgustingly hot summer day, I just stumbled on a site that was refreshing enough to send it around. The… Read More

That broken phone isn’t really broken

A new survey of 15,000 “faulty” wireless devices returned to UK provider WDSGlobal found that 63 percent of them weren’t broken… Read More