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Yes We Can (Tweet)

Ok. So… Twitter. Some get it, some don’t. Some think it’s revolutionary, some think it’s a fad. Some think it’s a great social media tool,… Read More

At the risk of making AttentionScan all about politics lately, this website deserves a mention:, which was put up very quickly after election… Read More

Endings and Beginnings: Witnessing History

2:01am, Wednesday November 5, 2008 Wow. History. Never before in my life have I felt as truly proud to be an American like I did… Read More

The Wisdom of (betting) Crowds, part 2

Just to add to my post of earlier today, has posted (at 1:56am) the final results of the election. 338 Obama, 159 McCain. Read More

Happy History

This is the first event in my lifetime that I will remember as a great moment. My parents had JFK, the moon landings, V-J day… Read More