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Top 3 Trends in Digital Media: Marketing Automation, Mobile Marketing, and Content Marketing

By idfive \ May 17, 2016

Digital media is in our DNA. And because we live this stuff, keeping current is something we do naturally. But we don’t just work to stay current: We help others stay current through teaching and publishing.

Based on our experiences and our research the top three trends we are seeing in digital media currently focus on marketing automation, mobile marketing and accessibility, and content marketing and thought leadership.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software is growing tremendously in its offerings and capabilities. Though we have been recommending that clients automate their marketing efforts for a long time we are pleased to see that it is now taking its place in the spotlight since its benefits to marketers, especially in the higher education space are tremendous. The ability to easily track leads, develop highly targeted communications flows and directly reach out to prospects in a seamless, efficient, high-touch manner… it’s just awesome.

Mobile Marketing

Both on the media and web development side we are finally seeing mainstream marketing catch up to the shift to mobile. Though we have been running mobile exclusive campaigns driven to mobile landing pages for several years we are constantly researching the latest opportunities and best practices for engaging prospective students on mobile devices. Whether we are looking to develop a content strategy meant to engage prospects on mobile devices, geofencing or using variable geo-targeting radii to drive individuals to take action based on their locations, mobile optimization, user experience and accessibility is always top of mind.

Content Marketing

Finally content marketing and thought leadership are a huge trend which most marketers are undertaking. Our web, creative, strategy and media teams work closely together to develop digestible, relevant, easily accessible content which positions our clients as experts while creating brand loyalty.