Anthony D. Paul to Speak at Wordcamp US 2015

Posted by Jake Solyst | November 17, 2015 | 3:57pm

(November 16, 2015): Anthony D. Paul, our Director of User Experience at idfive, will break new ground at WordCamp US 2015 when he demonstrates to conference attendees how he built and launched a complete WordPress site using only his smartphone.

Paul’s talk anticipates a future where the World Wide Web is accessed exclusively on a mobile device without traditional input devices like keyboards or mice. Looking toward this mobile future, Paul has been experimenting with various mobile apps as web development tools. He will reveal how he used only his phone to install, configure, and launch a custom WordPress website, mirroring a typical development process, including having the code in version control, despite being unable to utilize the phone’s file system for a local development environment.

“I believe the digital natives of today will want to build sites on the same platforms they use to consume content,” explains Paul. “This talk is both a trend forecast ‘thought piece’ and a proof-of-concept demo. I’ll share some technical learnings, discuss why they matter to our profession, and hopefully inspire WordCamp US 2015 attendees to attempt something just as crazy.”

WordCamp US is the the official annual WordPress conference in the United States with more than 30 speakers and 1,500+ attendees converging from all over the world. WordCamp US allows WordPress enthusiasts to gather and learn more about WordPress through featured talks, working sessions and community. It is considered the foremost WordPress event held in the United States.

“WordCamps” are low-cost events, usually held on a weekend, where WordPress enthusiasts and more gather to learn to get the most out of WordPress. Community-organized, they offer something for everyone, from blogging newbies to professional developers, marketing professionals to experienced designers, and tech enthusiasts to leading technologists. Most importantly, they provide a welcoming and engaging space for WordPress users to get to know one another. WordCamp US will be held December 4-6, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. For more information, visit