Maryland Food Bank Amplifying a nonprofit's mission to end hunger in Maryland.

The Challenge

When it comes to the general public, few people are aware how significant food insecurity is in Maryland, let alone the extent to which the Maryland Food Bank helps alleviate it. A misconception exists that most of what Maryland Food Bank does is supply food pantries around holidays—but that couldn’t be further from the truth. From coordinating major partnerships with grocery stores to educating government agencies on food waste, the Maryland Food Bank fights hunger on several fronts. Intending to spread awareness of their powerful story and compel donors, volunteers, and advocates to take part in their mission, the nonprofit organization partnered with idfive to redesign their website.

The Solution

Guided by extensive audience research and the Maryland Food Bank’s institutional strategy, idfive designed and developed a website to better communicate the nonprofit’s purpose and impact. We brought the stories of recipients, volunteers, and donors to the forefront of the website, giving personality and positivity to the issue of food insecurity. Weaved into the narrative content are facts and figures that highlight the organization’s amazing efficacy, and the power of every dollar donated. Put together, the website’s information architecture caters to all of the Maryland Food Bank’s core audiences, is optimized for search engines, and amplifies the organization’s mission to end hunger in Maryland.

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