UMB Graduate School
Web Strategy & Design


The Graduate School of the University of Maryland, Baltimore offers adult learners an innovative education in biomedical, health and human service sciences. The school’s ability to cater to a growing nontraditional student base has helped distinguish the school in the region, but also made it difficult to create a sense of community amongst a student body of commuters and working professionals. The challenge for the UMB Graduate School was to unite this diverse student body while creating an intuitive online experience that made the most out of a prospect’s first visit to the school’s website.


idfive went to work redesigning and rebranding the homepage to capture the community and culture of the school. Using candid photography, strategic copy and a seamless integration of student news and event updates, idfive created an experience that emphasizes the school’s collaborative learning environment.

In addition to enhancing the emotional connection of the UMB Graduate School brand, idfive also simplified the way students find programs. Our team built a program explorer that reduces the confusion and hassle of searching for the right degree by creating an attractive and intuitive filter system. It allows potential students to search degree programs based on the area of study, level of degree and format—allowing them to focus on opportunities, not logistics.

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