Drexel Dornsife School of Public Health

The Challenges

Drexel University’s Dornsife School of Public Health has a strong foothold in its Philadelphia hometown. At the same time, it’s a nationally ranked Top 20 school with a global reputation as a leader in urban public health.

Here’s how idfive told that impactful story to a diverse audience to increase applications for the program.

In 2019, the American Public Health Association held its Annual Meeting & Expo in Philadelphia, attracting over 17,000 attendees. Dornsife had an opportunity to make a powerful statement in its hometown. The event was also an opportunity to promote Dornsife’s Master in Public Health program to the public health community.

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School of Public Health in Philadelphia

Using lookalikes, retargeting, and contextual tactics we were able to boost enrollments 25% YoY - 35% when including online as well as in-person enrollments.

John Love
Senior Media Strategist


The campaign focuses on the school’s global impact while reinforcing Dornsife’s strong foothold in Philadelphia. With emotional imagery and stories of Drexel Dornsife students and faculty who are solving public health problems locally and across the globe, the creative serves as both lead generation and general awareness messaging for a targeted campaign that supports Drexel Dornsife’s admissions team efforts to increase MPH program enrollments by 25% by:

Increasing brand awareness:

  • The volume of branded search keyword traffic to the Drexel Dornsife site
  • The number and frequency of ad impressions

Engaging qualified prospects

  • The number of requests for information submitted through the landing page
  • Amount of social media campaign engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc.)
  • Click through rates for campaign tactics

Event Promotion

idfive created an experiential conference space, sponsorship banners, charging stations, and print ads to boost brand awareness. The environmentals offered compelling stories about education and research — from national safety for firemen to research about the inequality of health in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods. The campaign included strategic billboard placements and delivered ads to audiences in close proximity to the conference center to capitalize on the convention to support awareness of Dornsife’s differentiators .

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