Maryland Auto Insurance

The Challenge

In Maryland, whether you’re commuting to work, picking kids up from school, or driving a family member to the doctor, if you’re driving without auto insurance, you’re breaking the law. Getting those in need the coverage they’ve been denied through standard insurance carriers protects everyone from liability and financial risk. Maryland Auto Insurance was established in 1972 by the State of Maryland to provide auto insurance to Maryland drivers who have been turned down or cancelled by other carriers. By making coverage available to all drivers, Maryland Auto provides more than just insurance, they provide access to a better life. They needed a marketing strategy and plan to do just that – and to maximize the visibility of real options for real people without coverage.

The Solution

By developing and executing a comprehensive lead generation media campaign for Maryland Auto Insurance, with the specific focus to boost phone inquiries and quote requests, idfive put Maryland Auto’s mission front and center. More inquiries equals more policies sold and more drivers protected. 

Augmenting policy sales, both online and offline, through multiple marketing channels like paid search, display ads, paid social media, out-of-home (OOH), and streaming audio promotions also elevated the broader Maryland Auto brand. The impact of comprehensive media outreach and brand recognition also benefited Maryland Auto Insurance’s authorized agents throughout the state.

We are big fans of optimizing campaign performance, managing budgets judiciously to ensure efficient spending, and continuously monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) to gauge the efficacy of their efforts is what we do for all our brands on a mission. Our optimization efforts reduced the cost per action Maryland Auto is paying to engage with potential policyholders. By lowering the CPA, we’ve made their advertising campaigns exceptionally cost-effective and efficient.

Notable accomplishments comparing FY23 to FY22 include a 41% reduction in the cost per click (CPC), a substantial 68% increase in the click-through rate (CTR), a 55% spike in the conversion rate, and a remarkable 62% decrease in the cost per conversion. These achievements have translated into a substantial 212% increase in online policy sales with a 48% upswing in phone inquiries generated through advertising initiatives.

All-in-all, this brand campaign’s individual CTR was up 31% in 2023, with the number of policies sold directly from ads representing 58% of Maryland Auto’s total online policy sales.

We are also big fans of adaptability. Throughout the process, we continually reevaluated and refined their KPIs to ensure they align with the core objectives of Maryland Auto. This flexibility has proven invaluable in the pursuit of Maryland Auto’s success.

Every driver knows that coverage is what keeps everyone protected and accountable on the road, and we are making sure Marylanders who have been turned down or cancelled by other carriers have access to the coverage they need to keep them moving in their lives. That is a mission we can get on board with.

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