Goucher College

Helping alumni recall the moments that changed everything.

The Challenge

Goucher College announced its intention to raise $100 million dollars by 2022 for an ambitious campus construction and renovation effort. To do that, it would need to inspire donors, alums, and stakeholders — many who’ve had no contact with the school in years — to reconnect and give. The school’s change from female to co-ed in 1987 and the addition of new degree programs made the challenge of meaningfully engaging alumnae/i even more complex. Despite the significant changes at the school over the decades, leadership believed there was still an emotional thread that connected all Goucher students. The college partnered with idfive to find it — and reignite support for the school’s future.

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The Solution

Through a comprehensive discovery process, idfive and Goucher College found that what excited alumnae and alumni most was recounting the personal moments at the school that changed the trajectory of their lives. It could have been the day they chose to explore a new discipline, a lesson learned in defeat, or an opportunity to stand up and speak their mind.

Inspired by these stories of students taking their first tentative steps despite the uncertainty that lay ahead of them, we developed Goucher Undaunted, a comprehensive online and offline fundraising effort. Each of the campaign’s tactics invites audiences to remember the moments that matter to them while asking them to support the moments-to-come for future students. A giving page features stories of Goucher alumnae/i plotting the moments and places on an interactive campus map. A video shared over social media and during the campaign’s opening gala expresses Goucher’s underlying legacy. And a series of digital and print assets communicate the Goucher Undaunted mission.

In the first year, the campaign has already raised half the funds it needs while giving alumnae/i a reason to reconnect with Goucher College and each other.

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