Research the key to Informed Design; great communicators have to be great observers and listeners.

You have to set aside your prejudices, shelve preconceived notions, and open yourself up to what your customers, prospects and stakeholders are saying. And once you’ve listened then you can meaningfully analyze, design, and create. At idfive, that’s what we do.

Our Informed Design process is based on intensive research and keen analysis. We dig into the data…qualitative, quantitative, primary, and secondary. We reference and cross-reference. We get the input and buy-in from all of your constituents and stakeholders. And then we use what we learned to design thoughtful and effective solutions that help you achieve your communications goals.

Research Methodologies

But while it’s true that listening to and understanding all your constituents is the key to great communications, it’s also true that different situations call for different methods. We’ve developed a number of methodologies that can be tailored (or combined) to gain the understanding you need to address your marketing/communications challenges:  

Our comprehensive approach to unearthing unseen barriers and unspoken value.

Brand: Good Ground
Who are you at your core? Why you are exceptional? Where (and who) are your optimal target markets? Where’s the good ground where your organization can thrive? 

Who are your audiences? Who (or what) influences them? How do they make purchasing decisions? What motivates them to action? idfive’s AudienceScan process can deliver the insights you need to connect with the audiences you seek.

An analysis of your marketing and communications materials, programs, and strategies to improve your visibility, effectiveness,  and impact.

A comprehensive view of you, your competitors, and where you stand in relation to them.

The traffic patterns on your site reveal an enormous amount of information about how your customers and prospects experience your organization online. 

Whether migrating to a new website or embarking on a new communications strategy, our ContentScan provides a comprehensive analysis of the brand impact of your current communications…and helps you understand where you need to go.

The value of your data is only as good as the questions you ask. Using various survey methodologies, idfive can help you gather the data you need to answer mission-critical questions.