Integrated marketing for brands on a mission.

We Love Our Clients

Our clients choose us as much as we choose them.

idfive takes on clients and missions we care about. We achieve lead generation, awareness and retention goals through one-of-a-kind award-winning media strategies, integrated advertising, website design/development, social media and mobile web.

A gut feeling is not a strategy. It’s indigestion.



Our discovery process was developed to unearth the insights that get us closer to answering one question: What do you want people to do—and what’s stopping them from doing it? OK, maybe that’s two questions.



Our creative strategists focus on three key components: helping your brand’s voice resonate inside and outside your walls, engaging your audiences as human beings, and developing a strategy that works with the data to prove it.



Integrated marketing is understanding that getting someone to a destination—whether it’s your website or your lobby—is just a stop on the customer journey. We focus on driving interest, creating audience experiences, and nurturing long-term relationships.

Latest Projects


The University of Baltimore

A five-story doodle helps UB celebrate Artscape, the nation’s largest free arts festival.


Audacious Inquiry

An uncommon healthcare technology company finds a voice.


Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts

The city’s cultural incubator enjoys an online renaissance.


The University of Baltimore

A contemporary urban university introduces the world to its greatest differentiator: its students.