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Historical Perspective

In his excellent, 1998 book, The Victorian Internet, Tom Standage offers this insight about what he calls¬†chronocentricity, which he defines as: “The egotism that… Read More

Happy Halloween

This makes me want to delete my Facebook!!! Be careful out there on the World Wide Web & this Halloween weekend, there are some crazy… Read More

First Impressions of the Newest Social Network,

So a new network just hit the market called But I would suggest rushing over and signing up just yet. First off, one small… Read More

Facebook Timeline Cheat Sheet

At the F8 conference, Facebook announced the features of their new profile, Timeline. Timeline‚Äôs purpose is to bring content sharing and viewing… Read More

Disruptive Technology.

Today, Techcrunch reported Square (makers of a smartphone-based mobile payment system) is now processing over $2 Billion in payments per year. That’s Billion with… Read More

Is “Poking” Someone on Facebook Dead?

Mashable just ran a story titled “Facebook, It’s Time To Kill the Poke“, and I couldn’t agree more. No, I’m not… Read More

Tying the virtual knot

I recently went to my sorority sister’s wedding, and she is a technology fiend. She’s a graphic designer who still had the traditional save-the-dates and… Read More

Facebook is Following You

At the risk of sounding more and more like Chicken Little when it comes to social media, I saw this pop up on Slashdot over… Read More

Facebook Subscribe Button A New Feature for Celebs and Fans

Facebook’s “Subscribe” feature itself isn’t all that new. I started seeing it a few weeks ago on some of my friends profiles and some company… Read More

Gobble Gobble

There’s a digital book made for the iPad, authored by Al Gore, that’s simply stunning. It’s called Our Choice, and follows his groundbreaking work… Read More