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Hope for Extreme Multitaskers

  Firefox has been working on a new feature which could change the way we browse the web in small but significant ways. Surfing the… Read More

This Is How It’s Done.

Over the weekend, I did a bunch of research on personal financial tools as part of an effort to get my household spending organized better. Read More

Who Should You Follow On Twitter?

After thinking about Stilgherrian‘s blog post, “Choosing Who I follow on Twitter”, I immediately began to analyze how I decide who to follow… Read More

We Choose The Moon

Alright, so when I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. I loved the space program, I had the original LEGO moon… Read More

Venn Zen

Fantastic lessons from Bud Caddell: We’ve come across things people want us to do, that we do well (or at least better than the competition)… Read More

Contextual Economics: “Economics as if people mattered.”

Maybe the best thing to come out of the current recession is a return to common sense. More and more it seems like people are… Read More

Happy Earth Day!

Well, Earth Day is finally here and the world has gone green. Even Oprah is on the solar-powered eco-wagon these days, with… Read More

Ze Frank Voice Draw

Ze Frank really is a genius. Don’t believe me? Try this tool that lets you draw using the sound of your voice.  … Read More

Clawback AIG

So AIG gets $173 billion from our pockets and then takes $165 million and hands it out in bonuses. That’s $1,253.62 from each of us. Read More

Top 10 Extreme Fermented Foods

I’m not really sure why I Googled “fermented foods,” but it probably had something to do with the delirium that set in after I was… Read More