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Buying Lion for Your Small Business? Think Again.

Like most people that work on Macs  we were excited when Apple released Lion a few weeks ago. With it’s promises of optimizing computing processes… Read More

Roid Rage

Like most other art school kids/quasi-hipsters/fans of instant gratification, I was most upset when Polaroid announced it was discontinuing its famed camera.  I drove up… Read More

No, I Don’t Need Another App…

I love apps as much as the next person with an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch or a formidable Android device but at some point I have to… Read More

Twitter sparklines

Tufte alert: Kottke pointed out the use of Sparklines in the WSJ’s Twitter feed, and dug up some more examples. It uses an Excel-based… Read More

Protecting Your [Social] Identity with a Good Password

We are all guilty of it and we do it every day. Sometimes we can’t help ourselves but our own ignorance is no excuse to… Read More

For Your Eyes Only

Recently, I had a VERY important decision to make. I decided to start a blog and was shopping around the various platforms to figure out… Read More

Hope Your Parents Gave You a Good Name

Today, LinkedIn published a study of  LinkedInsights that revealed the top (most popular) names of CEO’s on… Read More

Someone Made a Boo Boo

And this, children, is why we mind our p’s & q’s when it comes to posting on Facebook. Read More

Cooler Than You

As someone who has willingly succumbed to the Groupon/ Living Social/ Whatever Other Dealios Are Out There, I have to say that more often than… Read More


On Friday, as I sent out a post-work tweet while frolicking through the 70 degree weather, I was told my action was…dun dun dun…FORBIDDEN. Confused,… Read More