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The best advice about programming ever

From Mark Berstein’s blog postings on NeoVictorian computing: Data are complicated; when we reduce everything to a hierarchy, we’re distorting the world. Everything… Read More

Forget “conventional wisdom”: it’s the older folks who dig Web 2.0

I love to see “conventional wisdom” myths get busted, so I was really excited to see that Social Computing Journal recently published a fascinating article… Read More

WWTD, or: What Would Tufte Do?

Election cycles are always great opportunities to explore new ways of displaying complicated information. As TV and the internet give us unfettered access to… Read More

Renovating the Attic (how is an architect like a web designer?)

When I’m at a party and casually… Read More

Are captchas getting harder?

I have noticed lately that Captchas, those ubiquitous letter-images designed to fool computers (but supposedly readable by humans) have been getting absolutely… Read More

One Page Wonders

I dunno…for some reason this list of sites was strangely soothing. Think “web zen.” I suppose it is not ours to reason why people make… Read More

Typography vs. the Internet

As an interactive designer, getting good solid typographic control of “system text” seems to be a constant battle. In an age of endless typeface choices… Read More

Double Click = Search?

Normally, when you click on a word on the web or on most word processing applications, the word is selected. Right? Well, recently, I… Read More

The Internet All Grown Up and Grown out

This past weekend a friend of mine brought over his Nintendo Wii, not only was I impressed with its gameplay and usablility, but… Read More

Cool AJAX “loading” Image Generator

Simply put, this is cool. Generate your own “loading” images in a matter of seconds. Specify foreground and background colors, and the type of… Read More