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Information’s Growing Pains

We can all agree that the volume of information on the web is growing at an astonishing rate. What we can’t seem to agree on… Read More

Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink and the Web

After almost a year of Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink” sitting on my bookshelf, begging to be read, I finally found the time to plow through… Read More

Web Design is Settling Down. Thank God!

Web sites are becoming easier to use mainly because major web destinations have standardized on several design patterns – transforming them into conventions that smaller… Read More

Mission Impossible Accomplished

This morning I took a look at the site for Catholic Community Services via So what you say? Another… Read More

The Squint Test Won’t Cut it Anymore?

About seven years ago, I learned a great lesson from a great person. Peter Quinn, my then Art Director, and current… Read More


Mike Padilla from Digital Web Magazine wrote a great (and courageous) article on the compromises that we often make as UI designers. In “… Read More


Logos can tell a story of an age. If we take a look at logos from the 50s and 60s,they tell a story of the… Read More

Logo Hacking / Part II

Not long ago, I posted a solution to the problem of finding high resolution versions of logos to use in print pieces. Read More

Jane Jacobs & the web

For someone who grew up disliking the bustle, noise and apparent violence of the city, Jane Jacobs was a real eye opener. Read More

The Ongoing Conversation: Design vs ROI

There’s an interesting article on Apple’s site about the folks at MetaDesign discussing an age old problem designers face… Value. Having experienced this myself, it… Read More