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We’ve hand-selected these case studies to show you our range and depth in joyful, actionable, and easy-to-use web application design and development. As you wade through, you will see that we’ve got the strategic, creative, and technical chops to help CLF deliver an airtight web application, inspired creative,  and outstanding results.

Recruiting residents to Charm City.

A Baltimore City mailbox with an "I Heart City Life" bumper sticker attached to it

Live Baltimore

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Unifying the news hub of a flagship HBCU.

Howard University “The Dig”

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Improving community resiliency to disasters.

A scientist standing in a stream measures water depth for a study

Making the website that makes sense of food.

Four chickens peck at the ground in a meadow in front of a coop building


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Expressing the wonder of space exploration.

Nighttime photo of the Milky Way visible over a mountainous horizon

Johns Hopkins APL Civil Space

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Banding together under a bold umbrella.

University of Hartford

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Building a universal brand for astrophysics.

Deep space photograph displays a distant star cluster and nebula

Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian

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