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Will Zune Flop?

Maybe. All indications say that it will. Reviews aren’t good. But I am still hopeful. I like competition. It forces hardware and software to… Read More

What does she want?

What do women want? Well, to start, what women want are power tools, dishwashers, digital cameras, automobiles, and houses. Not surprising to those who… Read More

Happy B-Day iPod: iPod Gets Older But Not Wiser

After five years, the iPod is still not doing certain things well. And for the stuff they think they do well – well, they… Read More

The Death of MySpace?

People are leaving MySpace in droves, the WSJ reports. Apparently overwhelmed by spam friend requests, lots of former users are giving up altogether. (My… Read More

Leonardo, Animated

Ted sent around a great link to the Victoria and Albert’s new online Leonardo collection, where they have taken some pains to animate Leonardo’s sketches. Read More

36 Million Kiddies Spending $18 Billion a Year.

What? Seriously, “The Kids’ Market in the U.S.,” a study by market research firm, Packaged Facts, concluded that kids between 3 and 11… Read More

The Power of Poo

This months’ Wired magazine had an article about renewable energy. I’ll tell yah, I haven’t been this excited about renewal energy. This method is exiting… Read More

Why can’t traditional agencies make online advertising work?

Why can’t traditional agencies make online advertising work? Over the past few months I have been watching my clients struggle conceptually with the online advertising… Read More

Workspace Porn

No no, NOT PORN in the work place, I mean work place images that are almost as interesting as porn. uhm. Almost. I… Read More

That’s right, flavored beer for the ladies!

Be honest, your girlfriend simply doesn’t drink enough beer, does she? This, unlike some her other faults, CAN be corrected! Just go to… Read More