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Sarah A. Rice just wrote a nice piece on Boxes And Arrows about how metaphors can increase customer acceptance. In the article, she… Read More

Old Media Deathwatch: Hit vs Niche

Down with the hit, up with the niche. There is an excellent article adapted from the “Long Tail” in Wired. It is about the decline… Read More


“Tuangou, or team buying, aims to drive unprecedented bargains by combining the reach of the internet with the power of the mob. It is spreading… Read More

Customer Made

What if you outsourced your creative to your customers? Trendwatching ( ) has a great category called “customer made”… Read More

Smell Recorder

MIT Advertising Lab reports that Japanese scientists are developing a smell recorder. All you do is point the gizmo at a… Read More

Susan Thompson Buffett’s Five Principles

Several weeks back, I wrote about Bill Gates and his decision to step to the side at Microsoft and to focus his attention on… Read More

Gates Found the Door

Bill Gates decided yesterday to hang up his hat at Microsoft. He plans to remain a senior advisor to the company, but come 2008, he… Read More

start your own silicon valley…

Guy Kawasaki’s wonderful post on how to start your own silicon valley hit home for me. Here are some of my favorite points he made,… Read More

How To Get A %*$&!@* Customer Rep On the Phone

If you curse like a sailor, chances are you’ll get through to a live customer service representative more quickly, according to Lifehacker. Apparently most customer… Read More

ADD in the workplace

I’ve written about the interruption driven workday once before, yet doing so had no effect whatsoever on the number of distractions and… Read More