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Losing My Mobile [Kinda] Changed My Life

As I was getting out of a cab in Chicago two weeks ago, I realized that my pocket was a little lighter than usual. I… Read More

Five Reasons why Apple’s Days are Numbered

Ok, so this entry is another wound in an age old religious war. Not everyone at idfive agrees with my analysis – in fact,… Read More

A good dentist is hard to find

I’d been working in the Web industry for a few years before I realized how the Internet was going to change absolutely everything. The year… Read More

Customer Experience: The Last Competitive Advantage

Recently, we lost our resident tech guru to greener pastures in the Pacific North West. All of the office… Read More

The Squint Test Won’t Cut it Anymore?

About seven years ago, I learned a great lesson from a great person. Peter Quinn, my then Art Director, and current… Read More

“Crowdsourced” Software & Businesses

Cambrian House is a really cool/fascinating experiment in “crowdsourcing” software and business ideas. Basically folks register and submit their ideas for… Read More

That broken phone isn’t really broken

A new survey of 15,000 “faulty” wireless devices returned to UK provider WDSGlobal found that 63 percent of them weren’t broken… Read More


Sarah A. Rice just wrote a nice piece on Boxes And Arrows about how metaphors can increase customer acceptance. In the article, she… Read More

Old Media Deathwatch: Hit vs Niche

Down with the hit, up with the niche. There is an excellent article adapted from the “Long Tail” in Wired. It is about the decline… Read More


“Tuangou, or team buying, aims to drive unprecedented bargains by combining the reach of the internet with the power of the mob. It is spreading… Read More