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In Their Brilliance, Wal-Mart Forgot One Thing: The Consumer

Wal-Mart has made oodles of dollars by applying some smart and consistent strategies to their operation. They have made significant investments to their infrastructure,… Read More

Surveillance 2.0?

If you listen to all the Web 2.0 hype floating around out there you’d think that we’re about one AJAX app away from the dawning… Read More

“My Five Bucks Are on Microsoft,” said the Intern

The Wall Street Journal had a great article today about the recent partnering activities between Microsoft, Google, eBay, and Yahoo! The gist of the article… Read More

Old Media Deathwatch: More People Listen to Internet Radio in the UK than “traditional” Radio!

ComputerActive reports that more people in the UK listen to Internet radio than to terrestrial radio. According to a study conducted by Virgin:… Read More

Function, User Experience and Usability: The Graphs

Having been at this for a long time, I have grown to “see” these graphs in my mind’s eye every time I hear a client… Read More