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The Ubiquitous Phonebook – Why Wont You Just Die?

Last week I heard someone banging on my front door. It was the mailwoman letting me know there was a package too big to fit… Read More

Facebook and its Golden Horseshoe

First they close a deal with Microsoft that guarantees them about $200 million over three years, then they piss off about a million of… Read More

Mini Planets

There are a series of compelling photos that have been making their way around the net called “mini-planets” and they have a mysterious draw for… Read More

iPod, uPod, weAllPod

Is Apple’s success with the iPod due to control? Many software and computer makers have tried to roll out their own products and have… Read More

Web Design is Settling Down. Thank God!

Web sites are becoming easier to use mainly because major web destinations have standardized on several design patterns – transforming them into conventions that smaller… Read More

Facebook Loses Face, Kids Think the Internet is Private, and Mass Mobilization

News Flash: Information on the internet is public. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection has access to everything everyone publishes. It’s the nature… Read More

Zeitgeist Surfing with Google Trends

Google’s come out with a neat little tool that I suspect is part of their master plan to take over the universe: Google Trends… Read More

Apple Droning: Explained

Two weeks ago, I wrote about why Apple was doomed. That entry generated a lot of …er… feedback. The feedback was emotional [and misguided], to… Read More


I have joked (in a not-so-funny-way) that the reason I (an otherwise marginally capable web developer) have trouble with office phones is that there really… Read More

They can put a man on the moon… so why is my cell phone so #$&@ hard to use?

It was with great hope that we purchased our latest round of cell phones. New phones! Surely these will work better than our last phones,… Read More