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Negative Feedback In Social Media

Following the last blog post by Jake, I thought I would spend a few minutes discussing how to deal with negative comments or feedback in… Read More

Tweet Nightmares

The opposite of a sweet dream…a tweet nightmare. Small business owners, managers, customer service staff, and CEOs of all types of organizations are susceptible. A… Read More

Ads are Content.

File this under why didn’t I think to write about this too: Ads are Content. The next time you find yourself on a… Read More

Olympic Pictograms Through The Ages.

From the New York Times, and the always worthwhile Steven Heller, a short video retrospective of Olympic pictograms since 1936. I disagree with his… Read More

Do they get a 20% refund on that rebrand?

Ouch. Remember the rebrand of Tropicana that went horribly wrong? A few weeks ago (yes, I know I’m bringing up the rear on this)… Read More

Possibly Sending the Wrong Message?

Elizabeth Large (food critic for the Baltimore Sun) reports that Kellogg’s has donated all of its Michael Phelps boxes of Cornflakes to… Read More

If It Ain’t Broke…

After a disastrous rebranding of their flagship product, Tropicana has decided to scrap it and return to their previous packaging design. “We underestimated the… Read More

Political Campaigns from an Advertising Perspective

Seems like there’s a whole class of agencies that works only for political campaigns. By and large, their work is subpar–way below the national standard… Read More

SixSigma and Zappos: Picking and Choosing and Capitalizing

General Electric’s SixSigma has been pounded into the minds of business students for countless decades. SixSigma is all about the endless quest for perfection. Read More

Clearly, a demented 5 year old named your company

As part of our client work, we’re often required to make recommendations for third-party, off-the-shelf software solutions for our clients. This involves a lot of… Read More