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Your Mileage May Vary

Let’s all wave at the pink elephant in the room we call “social media” and ask him to step out for a minute while we… Read More

Cheap, Fast, and Out of Control: Social Media and Recruitment

I recently had the extreme pleasure of presenting to the President’s conference of the NASCUMC (the higher-education organization of the United Methodist Church) in Palm… Read More

HIgher Ed, “Secret Shoppers,” and Why College/University Web Sites Are More Important Than Ever

Peter Toran (he’s the one on the right), VP of Planning and University Relations at the University of Baltimore (and, in the interest… Read More

Musical College Admissions Video Shootout

Yale’s got a new musical admissions video, but who can forget Appalachian State’s classic “Hot Hot Hot” extravaganza? As of today Yale’s video has 277,093… Read More

I’d Like To Apply To Your College…Oh, Nevermind.

In the last week, I’ve spent a lot of time diving through a handful of college and university websites in order to do some competitive… Read More

Meme o’ the week: How the Internet is going to kill academia

  Well, the idea that the future of academia is going to be online and that physical universities are going to go away in favor… Read More

Next up for disruption? I don’t think so.

There’s an interesting article on TechDirt today about how StraighterLine is going to “disrupt” the whole higher ed industry because of their $99/month… Read More

Who invented the search mailing? The viewbook? The fancy annual report?

Last night, Sean and I attended an AIGA event that honored the work of Barton Gillet, the pioneering higher education marketing company, and the work… Read More

Contextual Advertising Hilarity: Thomas Edison State College

Wow. I’m really glad that we’re not running the online campaign for Thomas Edison State College, an institution which bills itself as “Higher Education… Read More

Reaching Out to “GenRen”

This month Sean Carton is the guest blogger on the EduWeb Blog, a blog… Read More