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Speaking about Social Media Strategies at the Council for Independent Colleges Media Conference

Social Media Strategy in Higher Education Dr. Sean Carton spoke at the Council for Independent Colleges Media Conference about social media strategies for higher education… Read More

“Individualization” in Higher-Ed

Recently, after I was reading Aaron’s very thoughtful post on the dangers of personalized search results and the “filter bubbles” of belief confirmation they can… Read More

idfive and the University of Baltimore get AMA’s “Best Education Category Campaign” Award

A 300% Increase in Lead Generation Wins idfive and the University of Baltimore the AMA’s “Best Education Category Campaign” award The American Marketing Association (AMA)… Read More

Generation Touch

If you follow idfive, you probably know that we do a ton of marketing, communication, advertising, web design and development in the higher-ed space. A… Read More

Am I Having… Fun?

I remember it all too clearly- drowning in paperwork, hand paralysis from writing endlessly, constant side eyes from my parents for incessant check-writing- that was… Read More

Social Media Recruiting

Everyday more and more companies and institutions are turning to social media to educate their customers and increase brand awareness. But what many of these… Read More

Best and Worst College Web Sites for Blind Students

Having just helped out production team on a website that needed to be 508 compliant, designing websites for the visually impaired can be a problem not easily… Read More

Your Mileage May Vary

Let’s all wave at the pink elephant in the room we call “social media” and ask him to step out for a minute while we… Read More

Cheap, Fast, and Out of Control: Social Media and Recruitment

I recently had the extreme pleasure of presenting to the President’s conference of the NASCUMC (the higher-education organization of the United Methodist Church) in Palm… Read More

HIgher Ed, “Secret Shoppers,” and Why College/University Web Sites Are More Important Than Ever

Peter Toran (he’s the one on the right), VP of Planning and University Relations at the University of Baltimore (and, in the interest… Read More