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You Can Almost Hear The Gears Crashing Together.

From the Baltimore Business Journal this morning: Baltimore banks get a handle on Twitter …when Aaron Brazell griped about First Mariner Bank’s… Read More

Search Engine Sense.

“How do I get to the top of a Google search?” Often, when I tell people what I do for a living, I’ll get this… Read More

Ringing in another ‘Cyber Monday’

If you’re at all like I (and I am beginning to believe that most people are not), you avoid the stores and sales from Halloween… Read More

Five Reasons why Apple’s Days are Numbered

Ok, so this entry is another wound in an age old religious war. Not everyone at idfive agrees with my analysis – in fact,… Read More


“Tuangou, or team buying, aims to drive unprecedented bargains by combining the reach of the internet with the power of the mob. It is spreading… Read More

Customer Made

What if you outsourced your creative to your customers? Trendwatching ( ) has a great category called “customer made”… Read More

Skype Offering Free Calls Anywhere in US/Canada

It’s gotta be costing them a bundle, but it’s sure to land them a whole passel o’ new customers. Internet telephony app Skype… Read More