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Structured Flexibility: How Project Managers Bend but Don’t Break

As agency account executives, we’re accountable for the health and completion of our projects. At its foundation, this means delivering the agreed-upon product,… Read More

5 Conflict Styles That Every Project Manager Needs to Know

Conflict is an inevitable part of project management. On one hand, you are managing client expectations and needs. On the other hand, you are managing… Read More

When you put it like that…

We used to have some clients that honestly tried to do stuff like this to us. Amazing! Yay for reasonable clients that value our thought,… Read More

Better Design Feedback.

Mule Design just posted an excellent guide to giving better design feedback, which is an excellent primer for clients to help us help them. I… Read More

And Why Can’t You Repaint The Fence Every Night?

I have a confession to make, and it’s hard to admit… I’ve been successfully brainwashed by Disney. Working at the Florida theme park for over… Read More

The importance of observation

Business Week discusses the importance of taking your time to observe with decisions that aren’t your forte and ends up giving good advice in general. Read More

“So, what does a web site cost usually?”

We hear this question all the time. In RFPs, in conversation, in business meetings. Usually it’s accompanied by very little detail, and often the assumption… Read More

Top 6 Mistakes Clients Make

In professional services, we hear plenty about the mistakes we make. But someone ought to explain to clients that they make… Read More

On the Cost of Quality: Build or Buy

OK, so your client comes to you and says “I need a system that does this and that, as well as A, B, and C.”… Read More

On the Cost of Quality: The Holy Trinity

Keeping clients happy can be a difficult task. One of the keys seems to be setting their expectations properly. But even with the best intentions,… Read More